White Baso4 Precipitated

White Baso4 Precipitated

Item Description
Barium Sulphate Precipitated
The precipitated barium sulfate is white amorphous powEPTwith relative density of 4.50 (15 ordmC) and melting stage of 1580 ordmC. Owing to its large refractive index (1.63-one.65), it displays white colour and has specific covering EPT. It is nearly insoluble in h2o, ethanol and acid, but soluble in scorching sulfuric acid. It is simple to make combined crystal with potassium permanganate, calcium carbonate or steel nitrate. It can be lowered to barium sulfide with carbon at higher temperature. It is an EPTant simple chemical raw material. Its principal employs are as uncooked components or fillers for paints, coatings, inks, plastics, rubber and batteries surface area coating agent for printing paper and copper paper sizing agent for textile business clarifying agent for glass items, which can engage in the function of defoaming and rising luster. It can also be utilized as a protecting wall material for radiation defense, and also employed in porcelain, enamel and dye EPT, as well as raw supplies for other barium salts.


Content material %

ninety eight



Mesh %


Acid Soluble Issue %


H2o Soluble Issue %


Iron Content %


Sulphide Material %


Oil Absorption



ninety five.five

Drinking water Content


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White Baso4 Precipitated

White Baso4 Precipitated